AE 868
Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Summary and Final Tasks


After discussing PV system main components, system sizing strategies, and building and fire codes that govern the design and installation of any PV system, our design team is ready to dig deeper into the essential electrical code NEC articles to start preparing the required engineering design permitting documents to submit to the utility grid engineering reviewers. This process requires a detailed NEC interpretation of article 690 and 705 and other code articles that pertain to PV systems, as we saw in this lesson.

By now, our design team is one step away from being granted the permit. That missing part is the interconnection requirements by the utility grid where the system will be installed.

In the next lesson, we will discuss the interconnection requirements and methods where they apply to PV systems, and we will talk about some issue related to the interconnection of PV systems such as neutral loading, phase balance, and metering. See you next week!

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