AE 868
Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Summary and Final Tasks


Going back to the scenario we started in this lesson, you are working on the electrical design for the same PV system as in Lesson 8. As you complete the NEC design for the PV array, you reach the point of interconnection with the utility grid at the meter side. By now, you know the requirements and methods to interconnecting the PV system to the utility grid. You can review the site evaluation documents provided by the sales team to decide it they are missing any information about the main service distribution panel in terms of location, type, and size (voltage and current ratings).

Upon the completion of this lesson, your next step is to decide on the interconnection strategy and recommend any service upgrade if needed. Furthermore, you may need to consult with the utility plan reviewers to check on any additional requirements they enforce in that location, such as additional metering or disconnects.

In the next lesson, we will combine all efforts to take it a step further to submit the permitting documents, and we will discuss project management strategies and safety issues associated with the interconnection process.

Reminder - Complete all of the Lesson Requirements!

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