Planets, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Part 3: Final Report


For this final part of the capstone project, I would like you to produce one last document that incorporates your previous two parts but also summarizes your overall vision for your new lesson. Your final report should include the following:

  1. Part 1—the topic, audience, and project type.
  2. Part 2—the detailed project description.
  3. Part 3—A detailed final summary of the project as a whole, which should include why it is appropriate for the audience you chose and your implementation plan (i.e., how you expect you or others might implement it).

The topics you should address in discussing the appropriateness for your audience might include:

  • Does it address state or national standards for the grade level you chose?
  • Is the project type appropriate for out of class time if you chose to create an activity for a club?
  • Will the project fit naturally into the typical curriculum for a grade level?

During your discussion of your implementation plan, you should elaborate on your description from Part 2. For example, you might:

  • Provide a scenario that describes how you would interact with your students as they undertake the project.
  • Compare and contrast your project with a similar lesson you teach currently.

Your summary does not need to be long, but it does need to be complete and address both aspects described above. The final report should be a single, complete project that provides the reader all of the information and instruction necessary for the implementation of your project at their institution.



Note: You will be submitting your work as a single document that is in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) format so I can open it. There is no minimum page limit, but I expect it should take at least one page to address the requirements for the summary.

  1. Copy and paste Part 1 and Part 2 into your final report.
  2. Edit those parts as necessary so that they flow into your final summary.
  3. Write the final summary as its own section.
  4. Save your work AS A SINGLE DOCUMENT in either a Microsoft Word or PDF file in the following format:

    CapstonePart3_AccessAccountID_LastName.doc (or .pdf).

    For example, student Elvis Aaron Presley's file would be named "CapstonePart3_eap1_presley.doc" - This naming convention is important, as it will help me make sure I match each submission with the right student!

Submit your work

Please submit your work to the Capstone Project - Part 3 dropbox in Canvas by the due date indicated on our course calendar, which is usually mid-week during finals week, three weeks after Part 2 is due.

Grading criteria

See the grading rubric for specifics on how this assignment will be graded.