Blog Assignment



After completing your Blog Assignment, don't forget to take the Module 11 Quiz. If you didn't answer the Learning Checkpoint questions, take a few minutes to complete them now. They will help your study for the quiz and you may even see a few of those question on the quiz!

Blog Question


Learn about energy subsidies using information provided by IMF. Explore the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website's information on reforming energy subsidies and find something interesting to share.


  • Find reliable sources of information on the internet
  • Communicate scientific ideas in language non-scientists can understand


The International Monetary Fund has many resources on energy subsidies. We would like you to explore them and share what you found most interesting.

First, surf on over there and have a look around the website, International Monetary Fund.

A lot of useful information is available in the left-hand column. Click to download the paper Case Studies on Energy Subsidy Reform—Lessons and Implications. Read about subsidies in one of the countries described there, and give us a brief synopsis. Be sure to describe the country you read about, what subsidies were used, how the subsidies were reformed, and what lessons were learned from making these reformations. At the end, include your own opinion on whether or not these subsidies (in their reformed versions) are a good idea, and explain your thinking.


Your blog post should be 150-200 words and should answer the question completely. In addition, you are required to comment on one of your peers' posts. You can comment on as many posts as you like, but please make your first comment to a post that does not have any comments yet. Once you have an idea of what you want your post to be, go to the course blog for your campus and create a new post, including the name of the country in the title of your post.

Scoring Information and Rubric

The blog post is worth a total of 20 points. The comment is worth an additional 5 points.

Scoring Rubric
Description Possible Points
Summary of case study or other article read 15
Comment on whether energy subsidies are practical in the U.S. 5
Comment on someone else's post 5