Plate Tectonics and People

Response, Reflection, and Revision

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Peer Review


Now that you have completed your own Web page, I want you to read the Web pages of your classmates and post your comments or questions. To do that, go to Module 2 in Canvas. There you will see I have made n new discussions where n = number of students in Earth 520. The discussions are labeled with the names of the scientists you all chose. The comments and questions should include interesting insights you may have gained from your fellow students' presentations, questions you might like them to answer, or something you want them to clarify.

Submitting your work

This is a graded activity. I would like to see each of you, individually, post at least one thoughtful comment or question to each of the other students' Web pages.

You may (should!) revise your own page in response to the critiques of your classmates. The final due date for the completed Web pages is the last day of lesson 2 (see the Overview page).


Do NOT edit/change any part of another student's page. You can't get away with this even if you try, because as the course editor, I can see who has logged in and made revisions to any page :-)

Grading criteria

As with other online discussions in this course, you will be graded on the quality of your participation. See the grading rubric for specifics on how this assignment will be graded.