Plate Tectonics and People


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Here are some optional resources linked from our Canvas space. You may wish to skim these to get some details about the work done by the scientist you are researching.

  • Like a Soup Plate on the Ground (1969). Nature 224, pp. 107-108.
  • Hess, H. (1962). History of Ocean Basins. In Petrologic Studies: A Volume to Honor A. F. Buddington, pp. 599-620.
  • Hallam, A. (1975). Alfred Wegener and the Hypothesis of Continental Drift. Scientific American 232, pp. 88-97.
  • Chase, C. G., E. M. Herron,& W. R. Normark. (1975). Plate Tectonics: Commotion in the ocean and continental consequences. Annu Rev. Earth Planet Sci. 3, pp. 271-291.

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