Essentials of Oceanography

Canvas Activity



It is possible to customize and personalize Canvas. Follow the directions below to do so!

Personalize your Canvas profile

  • Go to Canvas (using the link above)
  • Click on 'Account' (In the main Canvas menu bar to the far left)
  • Select the Profile link and click "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner.
  • Fill in the boxes on the resulting page with your current information. You will see that you can include a URL for a personal Web Site and even upload a photo. I encourage you to upload a picture of yourself so we can "see" one another.
  • Click on the Save Profile button at the bottom of the form to save your entries.
  • Click on the Courses icon to return to your coursework

Add an additional email address for your Canvas e-mail

You have the option of sending Canvas e-mail to your personal e-mail address as well as internally within Canvas. This enables you to be notified of e-mail sent to you in the course so you can be sure you don't miss any important course communications. If you are new to Canvas, and you want your create a new address (I highly recommend it), follow these directions:

  • Select the Account icon on the far left menu bar
  • Select the Settings link
  • On the far right of the screen, you will see "Email Addresses" where you should see your PSU email listed
  • Select "Add Email Address"
  • Enter your desired email address where you would like to receive copies of your Canvas mail and click "Register Email"
  • Canvas will send a verification to your newly entered email address. Once you've verified it, you will see it appear in Canvas and Canvas messages will also be delivered to your new address.


You cannot reply to Canvas course mail messages from outside Canvas. You can only reply from within the course.

Need help with Canvas?

To make sure your computer is configured properly for Canvas, first refer to the "Recommended Browsers and Computers" listing on the Canvas site.

Any problems with Canvas, especially those occurring during graded assignments, must be reported to the Outreach Helpdesk, preferably AT THE EXACT MOMENT that they occur. That way they will be able to validate glitches and fix system problems as they may occur.

If you are new to Canvas, please review the Quick Guide for Students to acclimate yourself further! And even more how-to resources can be found by clicking on the Help button in the far left of your Canvas window.