EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Meet the Instructor


Meet the Instructor

Hello Class,

Karen Hagemeier Jensen.

I’m Karen Hagemeier Jensen, I want to help you to enjoy this class and learn the overreaching impact of the oil industry.

Graduated from Penn State in December 2008 with a BA in International Politics and Minors in Middle Eastern Studies and History. I have continued studing the Middle East and the oil industry with educational trips to Egypt and Iraq.

Graduated from online program from Clarion University with a Master’s degree in Library Science with concentration on distance learners.  Current research on encouraging collegiate quality research with undergraduates. 

EGEE 120 was my favorite undergraduate course. I have been able to apply the knowledge gained in this class to many other aspects of life, inaddition to viewing 21th century conflicts with historical perspective.

Larger Appication of this course in other courses. Example: In a political science classes, researched more information on the Suez Crisis. In a globalization class, focus on the way Rockefeller and others created some of the global oil corporations. In a history class, research the impact of two oil companys' CEOs on their choice of where they put their refinery. In economics class, research a country’s oil imports and exports. In language class, do a country profile of an OPEC member. 

On the personal side, I’m from Colorado & Wyoming, currently live in Pennsylvania. My husband, puppy, kitty, and I live where Amish carriages pass in front of our house. I enjoy crafts, sewing, reading and watching many sports.

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