EGEE 120
Oil: International Evolution

Meet the Instructor


Meet the Instructor

Karen Jensen
Instructor: Karen Jensen
Credit: Karen Jensen

Hello Class,

I’m Karen Hagemeier Jensen, I want to help you to enjoy this class and learn the overreaching impact of the oil industry.

I graduated from Penn State in December 2008 with a BA in International Politics and Minors in Middle Eastern Studies and History. I have continued studying the Middle East and the oil industry with educational trips to Egypt and Iraq.

I graduated from an online program from Clarion University with a Master’s degree in Library Science with concentration on distance learners. Few years later, I graduated from Oklahoma University with a Master's in Oil and Gas Energy Law.  I currently do research on encouraging collegiate quality research with undergraduates and elivating the quality of online instruction and collaboration. 

EGEE 120 was my favorite undergraduate course. I have been able to apply the knowledge gained in this class to many other aspects of life, in addition to being about to view 21st-century conflicts with a historical perspective.

There is a larger application of this course in other courses. For example: In a political science class, you could research more information on the Suez Crisis, or in a globalization class, you could focus on the way Rockefeller and others created some of the global oil corporations. In a history class, you could research the impact of two oil companies' CEOs on their choice of where they put their refinery or in economics class, you could research a country’s oil imports and exports. In language class, you could do a country profile of an OPEC member, the possibilities are endless!

On the personal side, I live Wyoming (1500 miles West of UP campus), with my husband, & kitty- Amelia.  I enjoy crafts, sewing, historical reading and watching many types of sports.

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