EGEE 439
Alternative Fuels from Biomass Sources

5.5 Summary and Final Tasks

5.5 Summary and Final Tasks


In Lesson 5.1, we went over the requirements for the final project. In a future lesson, you will be expected to choose your biomass and outline your project.

Lesson 5.2 provided an overview of lignocellulosic biomass structure in greater depth than the previous lesson did. The greater depth is needed in order to understand how the enzymes work. You are expected to understand what lignocellulosic biomass is and how the components can break apart (i.e., what the fragments are chemically).

Lesson 5.3 discussed the basic composition of enzymes, how cellulosic enzymes (cellulases) work, and how hemicellulosic and lignitic enzymes work. The homework provided a background of what you need to know for enzymes.


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