EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Getting to Know You


Now that you've had a chance to learn about the course and the online learning environment, I'd like to get to know you...and help you get to know each other! Complete the activity below, then continue with the remainder of the Course Orientation.

Activity: Self Introduction

Introduce yourself and meet the rest of the class! We will use a discussion forum in Canvas to post, and read, self-introductions. To access the discussion forum:

  • Go to Canvas. (You can use the link in the Resources tab in the menu bar at the top of the website pages.)
  • Click on the Modules tab.
  • Click on the link to the "Personal Introductions" discussion forum under the Lesson 00: Orientation subheading.
  • Follow the instructions you find there.

This is graded. Full participitation will result in full credit. See the rubric on the discussion board for details.

Need more help using discussion forums? Review the Canvas Discussion Forum Help.

OPTIONAL Activity: Initial Course Survey

Help me get to know you better by completing the Initial Course Survey. To access the survey:

  • Go to Canvas (you can just click the tab above).
  • Click on the Modules tab.
  • Click on the link to the "Initial Course Survey" and complete the survey.

Thank you!