EME 807
Technologies for Sustainability Systems

Summary & Activities

In this lesson, we have learned about different elements of power grid system, current issues with maintaining stable power supply, and options for better flexibility and "smart" management of electricity generation and distribution. The demand response technologies are considered game-changing in the Smart Grid models, so we looked at some recent trends and innovations reported in that area. This lesson also touched on the subjects of base load power and distributed generation since both of those topics present key questions for the sustainability of electric power.

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Reading Complete all necessary reading assigned in this lesson.

Watch the documentary "SWITCH" , which explores the options for future world's energy economy. 

You can access the full version of the film (~90 min) online via the Switch Energy Project website.

 (Links to an external site.)

Write a reflection (limit to ~500 words) on the following  questions:

    1. What do you see as main challenges standing in the way of switching from conventional energy sources to renewable energy sources? Is such a switch at all possible?

    2. Are there any issues shown in the movie that you disagree with or would like to debate? Please provide an example and proper argument.

Post your reflection onto the Lesson 9 Discussion Forum on Canvas. Comment on at least two other posts. Reply to any questions asked on your post.

Deadline: for initial posting - this Sunday  / for comment to other posts - Wednesday night (check exact dues dates on Canvas calendar).


Lesson 9 Discussion 

Activity Online investigation of a demand response technology

After studying materials in sections 9.2 and 9.3 of this lesson, search online for an innovative demand response technology or approach. This can be an innovation based on technical advances, computational methods, economic and social strategies. Prepare a brief report in the form of Power Point presentation to address the following questions:
  1. How does this technology, strategy, or approach work, and what problems does it solve?
  2. Are there any prerequisites for its deployment? (technical, economic, or social)
  3. Are there any problems with this technology or potential obstacles to implementation?
  4. Was this technology piloted by any company or organization? Provide a brief summary of their outcome (provide a link to the report on that implementation).
  5. Your recommendation

Please provide an audio commentary to your presentation.

Please see more instructions on this assignment in the Lesson 9 Activity Sheet on Canvas.

Deadline: Wednesday (before midnight) - check exact due dates on Canvas calendar.


Lesson 9 Activity 

References for Lesson 9:

DOE, 2007. DOE Buildings Energy Data Book. U.S. Department of Energy.