EME 807
Technologies for Sustainability Systems

12.3 Presenting Your Project Idea


12.3 Presenting Your Project Idea

To present your project ideas to the class, you will need to develop an outline of your assessment and preliminary implementation idea and put it in a PowerPoint presentation that can be delivered to the class audience. This is Milestone 2 of the EME 807 project development.

Because it is quite challenging and time-consuming to have a synchronous session with all the presentations in the class, you are asked to supply your slides with audio commentary, which can be easily narrated in PowerPoint. It may work somewhat better than a video, as in the case of a narrated presentation you can listen to commentary separately for each slide and input your comments right in the file. If you have never done it, it is certainly a neat skill to learn. Please read more instructions at the bottom of this page.

Your Project Outline presentation should contain 5 to 8 slides, including information on the following:

  • Preliminary title and your name (in lieu of a brief intro)
  • Main subject: technology, process, or approach – what it is and what it does
  • Motivation and goals for the project – why you are interested, what benefits are expected
  • Current status of the chosen technology, examples of implementation, pilots (if any) and outcomes
  • Plan for your assessment – what research / analysis is needed to put this project in place
  • Preliminary implementation scenario: choice of facility, location, scale, potential client (this may not be yet finalized, but you can think of some possible options and let people comment)

Feel free to include some images in your presentation for better illustration.

The assessment plan may have a good amount of flexibility. Think about what particular aspects of the technology should matter most in your case of implementation. For example, you may choose to put a heavier focus on the socio-economic side or go deeper into the environmental impact assessment if you feel that it is best for project justification. Some scenarios would benefit from comparing to the baseline technology case to demonstrate the benefits of the new implementation.

All submitted presentations will be shared within the class, and each will be subject to peer review by your classmates. As well, as you will have an opportunity to review a couple of other outlines and provide constructive feedback. More explanation of the peer-review process is given on the next page of this lesson.

Instructions for how to narrate your presentation in PowerPoint, 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint has the capability to add narration to your slides, which will be suitable for our presentation purposes. It is best if you use a headset microphone, but most built-in mics now also provide a decent quality of sound.

  • In the top menu, go to "Slide Show" >> "Record Slide Show"
  • On the little dialog box, click "Start Recording"
  • As the presentation starts, talk over the first slide. You can pause the recording by clicking the pause button in the top left corner control pane.
  • If you need to quit recording and start all over again, press “Esc” (it will still keep the recorded audio up to that point)
  • While recording, click on the slide or press “Enter” to advance to the next slide. Proceed until you reach the last slide. Pressing “Enter” will stop your recording
  • Run your presentation in Slide Show mode to check how it sounds

Note: If you start recording again, it will start from the first slide and will overwrite your previous speech, so if you want to edit audio in a specific slide, copy and paste that slide to a new file and re-record it there and then paste it back to the original presentation.

When you are done recording, you have two options for saving your presentation:

(1) PowerPoint file - this produces a relatively small file, which you can add as an attachment to your post in Canvas. People will need to download the file to their computer to hear the audio.

(2) MPEG-4 video - this produces a relatively big file. You will have to upload it to a video sharing platform (such as YouTube) and then share the link to your video at the Canvas forum. Please do not attach the video file to your post - that will force people to download it to their computer, which we try to avoid.