EME 807
Technologies for Sustainability Systems

12.9 Summary


12.9 Summary

This Lesson 12 is an essential guide on how Course Project is developed in EME 807. I hope it clarified the path for you and answered some of your questions on where to start and how to proceed.

Overall, the project proposal activities in this course are seen as strong motivators for students to develop a number of important transferable skills that will benefit them in their future careers. Some of those skills are:

  • Searching and critically assessing information (research)
  • Compiling and citing information sources (both printed and online)
  • Delivering “pitch” presentation / recording presentation for online delivery
  • Technical report writing
  • Critical review of written and verbal communications
  • Combining various types of data (technical, economic, etc.) in higher-level analysis
Assignments for Lesson 12:
Type Assignment Directions Submit To
Individual Course Project

The final report accounts for a major part of your course grade, so do your best putting together a high-quality document. The final report is due at the end of Lesson 12.

Good luck!

Canvas: Lesson 12: Course Project

You have done it all. Congratulations! I hope you found this process rewarding and are ready to build on it! Best of luck with your future endeavors!