EME 811
Solar Thermal Energy for Utilities and Industry

9.3. Industrial Process Applications and Requirements


The use of solar heating technologies can be linked to a variety of industrial applications and can replace significant amounts of fossil fuels burned in the process. The potential is high since about 30% of industrial heating demand is withing the range of solar thermal systems. Typically solar heat is supplied via heated water, steam, or air.  

Industrial heating needs can be categorized into three main temperature ranges:

(1) < 80oC -  low temperature - flat plate solar collectors are capable of meeting these temperatures;

(2) 80 - 250 oC - medium temperatures  - concentrating collectors are needed;

(3) >250 oC - high temperatures - this range requires imaging concentrated systems to achieve such high temperatures.

 All of these categories can be matched with solar systems.

For learning about some specific applications and system designs, you are now re-directed to the following textbook chapters:

Reading Assignment

Duffie, J.A., and  Beckman, W.A., Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes, Wiley and Sons, 2013, Chapter 16, Sections 16.4- 16.8 (13 pages).