EME 811
Solar Thermal Energy for Utilities and Industry

8.5. Course Project Pre-Proposal


Course project pre-proposal will help define the scope of your final design proposal and will be used to obtain class feedback before you develop the idea to the final stage. 

Your Project Pre-Proposal should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction - briefly explain your project motivation and goals.
  2. Project area definition – define the location, buildings, processes, etc.
  3. Thermal energy requirements – define peak demand, average demand, scheduling, etc.
  4. Alternative technological solutions – describe available alternatives including a no- action alternative if applicable. 
  5. Potential impact – describe the best case cost and energy savings potential.
  6. Overview of methods to be used – list any tools or calculation methods that you will need to employ for the full system design proposal.

Please limit your Pre-Proposal to three pages to facilitate quick review. You can include some originally made graphics if it is important to convey your idea. Consider the content of this pre-proposal as a working outline of your final project.

These pre-proposals will be subject to peer-review, which will happen over the next two weeks. Everyone will be assigned two pre-proposals to critique. Please submit your feedback on each author's submission as comment or attachment to your comment. Again - the deadline for the peer-review will be two weeks from the due date for pre-proposal submission.

Deliverable: Course Project Pre-Proposal

Please submit your pre-proposal as a single PDF file to the Course Project Module in Canvas. 

Check Canvas calendar for specific deadlines.