EME 811
Solar Thermal Energy for Utilities and Industry

4.4. Assignment


This homework assignment consists of two quantitative problems that are closely tied with the readings. Please study examples in Chapter 7 (D&B book) as they can be especially helpful in developing the solutions.

Deliverable - Lesson 4 Assignment

Problems: 7.2 and 7.6 from the D&B textbook (see Appendix A)

As was requested in previous lessons, please complete these problems by hand, clearly showing your work step by step. While you should feel free to use any calculation software or spreadsheets behind scenes, I will only read and grade your hand-written solutions. The recommended format for hand-written problems should include underlined statements of:

  • knowns
  • assumptions
  • properties to find
  • analysis (including what equations used, numbers, and units)
  • solution (please draw a box around your final answer)

A sample hand-written problem is given in the Lesson 2 Module in Canvas. 

Please create electronic images of your hand-written solutions (via scan or camera) and save them in a single PDF document. If you have series of images of your pages, you can first insert them into a MS Word document in proper order, and then save the file as PDF.  

The assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (your local time) on Wednesday. Please see the Calendar in Canvas for specific due dates.