EM SC 470
Applied Sustainability in Contemporary Culture

Summary and Final Tasks



By now you should be able to do all of the following:

  • Identify and describe the five passive solar principles.
  • Describe the benefits of passive design.
  • Describe how LEED certification works.
  • Describe what is required for a building to achieve Living Building Certification.
  • Evaluate pros and cons of LEED vs. Living Building Certification.
  • Describe principles of Energy Star buildings, Passive House Certification, and Energy Use Index.
  • Describe the energy efficiency benefits of benchmarking.
  • Evaluate the sustainability of cob, straw bale, cooperative housing, and tiny homes.

Reminder - Complete all of the Lesson  tasks!

You have reached the end of Lesson 9! Double-check the to-do list on the Lesson Overview page to make sure you have completed all of the activities listed there before you begin Lesson 6.