EM SC 470
Applied Sustainability in Contemporary Culture

Summary and Final Tasks



By now you should be able to:

  • identify different types of solar technologies;
  • explain the basic process by which solar panels generate electricity;
  • explain the difference between irradiance and irradiation;
  • calculate energy use/generation given power and time;
  • evaluate the impact of tilt and orientation on solar PV output;
  • calculate the output of a solar array;
  • explain how anaerobic digestion converts organic material to biogas; and
  • identify some of the benefits of anaerobic digestion.

Reminder - Complete all of the Lesson 6 tasks!

You have reached the end of Lesson 6! Double-check the to-do list on the Lesson 6 Overview page to make sure you have completed all of the activities listed there before you begin Lesson 7.