GEOG 128
Geography of International Affairs

China’s Maritime Disputes


Check Out: China's Maritime Disputes

  1. Go to the Council on Foreign Relations Interactive Article on China's Maritime Disputes.
  2. Read through the entire site using these instructions to ensure you're reading through/viewing all of the content:
    • Play/watch the Overview Video
    • The “Mapping the Claims” section is interactive. You can click on the countries to open additional information. And you can see the territorial claims by checking the click boxes for each country. You can click on the territorial area to open text to read on the territorial claims for that country.
    • The “Historical Context” is also interactive. Once you scroll down past the paragraph labeled “Historical Context” you will see an interactive timeline. Click on the right arrow to advance the images and text to guide you through the timeline.
    • The section titled “Power Projection” has a few different interactive features. The ‘bullseye’ image can be clicked on in various spots to relay more information. And, there is a slider tool that you can drag to the left/right to view the island building images and compare buildup of the islands over a span of time (between approximately 1-3 years time).
    • The section on “Policy Options” begins with a video.
    • There is a substantial “Further Reading” section listed under “Resources.” If you want to dig deeper into this issue, I do suggest checking this section out.


“China’s Maritime Disputes.” Interactive site. Council on Foreign Relations

Also, South China Seas Dispute during the Trump Administration

Hayton, B. (July 31, 2017) The Week Donald Trump Lost the South China Sea. Foreign Policy.

De Luce, D. (November 16, 2017) With Trump Focused on North Korea, Beijing Sails Ahead in South China Sea. Foreign Policy.