Food and the Future Environment

Capstone Project Stage 3 Assignment


Capstone Project Stage 3 Assignment

Soil/Crop Management, Pests, and Climate Change

(Modules 7-9)

At this stage, you should have collected quite a bit of data related to the physical environment of your region (water, soils, and climate) as well as related to the regional food system, including the history of the regional food system and which crops are grown in your region. You may also have discovered some impacts that the regional food system is having on soil and water resources in the region.

Capstone Stage 3 Diagram, see text description in link below
Capstone Stage 3
Click for a text description of the Capstone Stage 3 diagram.
Capstone Stage 3 (Soil/crop management, pests and climate change)
  • System stressors and management strategies
    • describe soil conservation practices
    • describe pest management strategies
    • discuss agrobiodiversity of region
    • discuss future climate scenarios

What to do for Stage 3?

  • Download and complete the Capstone Project Stage 3 worksheet that contains a table summarizing the data you’ll need to collect to complete this stage. Remember, you need to think deeply about each response and write responses that reflect the depth of your thought as informed by your research.
  • Add questions and continue to research the questions in your worksheet files.
  • Keep track of all of the resources and references you use.
  • Add relevant data, maps, and figures to your PowerPoint file.
  • Revise your CHNS diagram and/or create a new one incorporating topics from Modules 7, 8 and 9.