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Learn about Exploring Imagery and Elevation Data in GIS Applications

What You'll Learn in GEOG 480

This class teaches you how to make use of aerial photography, satellite imagery, and digital terrain models in GIS analysis. You will learn about how these data are collected, processed, and analyzed so that you can make smart choices for your spatial analysis projects. Throughout the class you will engage with the core technology, methods, and applications of remote sensing through hands-on activities that emphasize professional practice.

Technologies You'll Use

Students in this course will work mainly in ArcGIS, but you will also gain exposure to internet-based image services and you will learn to access public domain data clearinghouses for remote sensing data, such as Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access, USGS Earth Explorer, and the USGS Hazards and Disasters Distribution System (HDDS).

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What’s the best way to determine if this class is for you? Check out the syllabus! This page shows all materials, how you’ll be graded, and lists assignments and a timeline for the class.

Degree & Certificate Programs

This class is part of Penn State's award winning Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs, which includes the Master of GIS degree and certificates in GIS, GEOINT, and Remote Sensing. All of these programs are taught online and designed around the needs of working professionals.

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What Our Students Say

"GEOG 480 gave me a foundation in GIS applications that has immensely expanded my understanding of image acquisition, interpretation, verification, and analysis. …[T]he knowledge gained in this course has enhanced my work expertise in product quality, processing, and review. It really is a must for any aspiring GIS professional."

- Nathan Patten

"I was I able to immerse myself in the fundamental theory of imagery and elevation science while gaining hands-on experience with the latest geospatial software and remote sensing workflows. The instruction and curriculum were great … !"

- Travis Meyer

"GEOG 480 … provided a solid foundation for success in more advanced remote sensing courses, but also stood on its own by developing skills that could be applied immediately."

- Bill Beuth

"GEOG 480 was an enjoyable course that allowed me to explore remote sensing ... I not only learned about new “tools and tricks,” but also the background [of] how remote sensing became what it is now - and where it can go in the future."

- Ericka Lynn Kato

Meet the Faculty

Karen Schuckman
Brad Doorn

Online Geospatial Education Programs

This course is part of Penn State’s Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs. For more information on our award-winning courses, certificates, and degree options, click below.