GEOG 485:
GIS Programming and Software Development

Lesson 4 Checklist


Lesson 4 explores some more advanced Python concepts, including reading and parsing text. To complete Lesson 4, do the following:

  1. One week into the lesson, submit your Final Project proposal to the instructors using the Final Project Proposal Drop Box in the Final Project lesson under the Modules tab in Canvas. For the exact due date, see the Calendar tab in Canvas.
  2. Work through the course lesson materials.
  3. Read Zandbergen chapters 12.1 - 12.6 (ArcMap edition), 4.17, and 9.1 - 9.7. In the online lesson pages, I have inserted instructions about when it is most appropriate to read each of these chapters.
  4. Complete Project 4 and submit your zipped deliverables to the Project 4 drop box.
  5. Complete the Lesson 4 Quiz.

Do items 1 - 3 (including any of the practice exercises you want to attempt) during the first week of the lesson. You will need time during the second week of the lesson to concentrate on the project and the quiz.

Lesson objectives

By the end of this lesson you should:

  • understand how to create and use functions and modules;
  • be able to read and parse text in Python (e.g., using the csv module);
  • be able to create new geometries and insert them into feature classes using insert cursors;
  • understand how to automate tasks with scheduling and batch files;
  • know the basics of dealing with Pro projects in arcpy;
  • understand Python dictionaries;
  • be able to write ArcGIS scripts that create new features and feature classes, e.g., from information in text files.