GEOG 488
Acquiring and Integrating Geospatial Data

Lesson 9, 10: Compilation and Presentation of Class Final Project



A. Goals

This project wraps up the course and requires you to integrate components from previous lessons into a comprehensive presentation of your work throughout the course. Upon completion of the project, you will be able to demonstrate how to tackle a GIS data acquisition project, including assessment, acquisition, integration, creation, and publication.

B. Background

GIS courses and trainings are a common way for people to get introduced to the field or to add some formal education to their resumes. All too often these courses use canned data that get plugged into fun, "real-world" scenarios. In the real world, data are hard to come by. It's also hard to learn GIS tools and concepts when the data aren't familiar. This course was designed with those issues in mind. In this final project, you will present your findings from the first eight weeks. You will summarize your project idea and present the work you've done in an organized fashion. You will discuss the challenges you faced and document the process you followed to complete the assigned course objectives.

C. Module Overview

  1. Integrate components from previous lessons into a comprehensive presentation of class project
  2. Create a workflow that outlines the steps, procedures and data necessary for the finished project

D. Deliverables

This module is two weeks in length. Please refer to the course Calendar tab, in ANGEL, for the due date.

Please see the Deliverables section at the end of Part II for this week's readings and action items.