GEOG 488
Acquiring and Integrating Geospatial Data

Lesson 8: Publishing GIS Data


Introduction: Publishing Data

A. Goals

Upon completion of module 8, you will be able to describe what's involved in publishing data.

B. Background

Until now we've been focusing on the acquisition of data that already exist. Your assessment of data in your project may have yielded a need for some new data layers. You will have acquired these by now and quite likely created some new data with the GPS or by analysis of other data to create new data.

C. Module Overview

  1. Describe the steps to share data
  2. Describe the steps to move data from various sources into an integrated data format
  3. Describe what's involved in contributing newly created data to The National Map or a GIS portal

D. Deliverables

This module is one week in length. Please refer to the course Calendar tab, in ANGEL, for the due date.

FME saved Workbench FMW file, the workbench log and metadata for one layer.

Please see the Deliverables section at the end of Part II for this week's readings and action items.