GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

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2217 EES Building
Dutton e-Education Institute
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

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Justine Blanford

Justine Blanford

Much of my work concerns issues related to human health either indirectly through examining threats to food supply (via crop pests and crop diseases) or more directly via disease, human movement and accessibility to health care and healthy environments (nutrition, food). I use GIS to understand the ecology of disease and connectivity between locations using novel data sources such as news feeds and social media microblogs. Recently, these have included looking at movement patterns in data-poor regions, in relation to vaccination needs, by identifying key travel routes, accessibility to healthcare and disease epicenters as well as mapping people’s activity space at a national and international level.

Fritz Kessler

Fritz Kessler

My professional academic career started as a faculty member at Frostburg State University (FSU) in August 1999. Located in Frostburg, MD, FSU is a very small state school in Western Maryland. While at FSU I taught courses in cartography, cartometrics, surveying, GIS, research methods, statistics, and other geographically related topics. I began teaching part-time through Penn State's World Campus in 2007 where I offered a course in datums, map projections, and coordinate systems. This course is still offered today as GEOG 897K: Map Projections for GIS Professionals. In June of 2015, I resigned my position at FSU and accepted an offer to join Penn State full-time. In addition to GEOG 583, my teaching responsibilities focus on cartography courses (both online and resident students).

I have amassed a solid research and publication record focusing mostly cartographically related topics. Specific research focus includes map projections, cartographic design, and history of cartography. I take on an active role in two cartographic societies: North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) and Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CaGIS).

Alan MacEachren

Alan MacEachren directs the GeoVISTA Center, an interdisciplinary geographical information science center. GeoVISTA conducts and coordinates integrated and innovative research in GIScience, covering a broad range of domains from spatial cognition, through formal geo-information representation, to spatial analysis, cartography and visual analytics.

MacEachren’s own research roots are in cartography and spatial cognition. His current research interests cover a wide spectrum of GIScience topics. These include: geovisual analytics, geovisualization and exploratory spatial data analysis, geosemantics and geographical information retrieval. Applications domains to which his research connects include public health, crisis management, and environmental science.

doug miller

Doug Miller

Dr. Douglas Miller is a Professor of Geography in the Departments of Geography and Ecosystem Science and Management at Penn State – where he also founded and has directed, for 16 years, the Center for Environmental Informatics. Dr. Miller has been actively involved in applying remote sensing and geospatial technology to interdisciplinary research challenges in the earth and environmental sciences for the past 29 years.