GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

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Quick Facts about GEOG 583

  • Instructors: Justine Blanford (Spring 1); Fritz Kessler (Spring 2, Fall 1); Doug Miller (Summer)
  • Course Structure: Online, 10-12 hours a week for 10 weeks


A systematic approach to requirements acquisition, specification, design, and implementation of geospatial information systems. Prerequisite: GEOG 484

Geography 583 is a required course in the Penn State Professional Masters in Geographic Information Systems. This course surveys a range of contemporary systems analysis and design methods through case studies, collaborative work, and critical reading/writing. Key topics in the course outline the broad range of current GIS systems, how they are designed and evaluated, and how emerging technologies may impact their design and implementation in the near future.

This course will challenge you to exercise the analytical and writing skills needed to develop successful project reports and proposals. Assignments focus on helping students improve their ability to discuss, write, and critique technical and research articles on the design of geographic information systems. A semester-long project involves writing a design proposal or system requirements document for the development of a real or hypothetical geographic information system.

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