GEOG 863
GIS Mashups for Geospatial Professionals

Project Deliverables


As laid out in the Overview of this project, the goal is for you to apply what you've learned in the course to create a sophisticated mapping application of your choice. This application should go a bit beyond the projects you've completed thus far. For some of you, this may mean constructing a MySQL database and providing the user with a GUI to map subsets of the larger database. For others, it may mean mashing up data scraped off of another site or published as an easy-to-consume service. Still others may choose to delve into some other advanced topic, like the ones I listed on the Overview page.


This project is two weeks in length. Please refer to the course Calendar, in Canvas, for the project deadlines.

  1. E-mail a project idea to the instructor using Canvas' mail Inbox as soon as possible. Do not proceed further until your idea has been approved.
  2. Post the application to your e-portfolio. If the application relies upon any server-side scripts, please save copies of those scripts in plain text files and provide links to them so that their source code can be evaluated (70 of 100 points).
  3. A small part of the project grade will depend on the level of difficulty involved in developing the application and its "wow" factor (i.e., how impressed I am by its originality, marketability, professionalism, and/or cleverness). When assigning these points, I will take into account the student's skill level in programming. Those who have a good deal of programming experience will have the bar set higher than those who don't. You will be given a ballpark estimate of your project's score in this category when you submit your idea. (10 of 100 points)
  4. Below the map, include some reflection on what you learned from the project, how you might improve upon it, etc. (minimum 200 words). (20 of 100 points)