GEOG 863
GIS Mashups for Geospatial Professionals



This course orientation is meant to prepare registered Penn State students for success in this online environment. It should also be informative for prospective students considering future enrollment at Penn State (or in online programs offered by other institutions, for that matter).

The Orientation described the two learning environments we use to deliver our online courses--the content management system called "Drupal" in which we present this material, and the password-protected course management system called "Canvas" in which registered students submit their assignments and receive feedback from instructors.

The Orientation also outlined roles and responsibilities of students, instructors, and other groups involved in providing this outreach service, and described the assignments that registered students complete to earn academic credit. The lesson described the various modes of communication among registered students and instructors, and recommended three study habits that will maximize students' chances of having a satisfying educational experience.

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Registered students should now review the Orientation checklist to make sure that they have completed all assigned tasks. 

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