GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Cloud Computing Discussion: The future of cloud computing and cloud GIS


For this week’s discussion, we will think together about the future of cloud computing, and by extension, of cloud GIS. Please read What's the future of cloud computing?  Also, please read The Cloud as a Tectonic Shift in IT: The Irrelevance of Infrastructure as a Service. This blog post by the CTO of CloudBees contains some interesting predictions about the future of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.  

If you have the optional textbook, you can supplement this with the chapter titled “Cloud 9: The future of the cloud.” 

Please pick one of the predictions from the articles or book chapter that you find interesting, and write about why you found it interesting. For example, you could find one of the predictions thought-provoking, or you might disagree with the authors. Also, please make your own prediction about how the advent of cloud computing will effect GIS. One way to approach this would be to extend the prediction you reacted to into GIS. Then, respond to one of your classmate's predictions.

Deliverables for this week's technology trend:

  1. Post a comment in the Canvas L09: Discussion addressing one of the predictions from the book chapter or article for this week. Also, please write your own prediction on where cloud GIS is headed.
  2. Then I'd like you to respond to one of your colleagues' predictions.
  3. Brownie points for linking to other technology demos, pictures, blog posts, etc., that you've found to enrich your posts so that we may all benefit.