GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Cloud Computing Discussion: Cloud computing economics


Cloud computing advocates often cite cost savings as a reason to adopt cloud computing. But, there is no guarantee that any given project can be more cheaply executed using cloud computing than using traditional IT provisioning. This week, we will discuss how cloud computing economics might apply to your organization or situation.

First, please read this white paper from Amazon: The Well-Architected Framework - Cost Optimization Pillar. This document is part of a series available here on best practices for using AWS's infrastructure services. Also, if you have purchased the optional textbook The Cloud at Your Service, please read chapter 3, "The business case for cloud computing". Despite the title, it gives a reasonably objective view of how cloud computing costs break out for different kinds of users (start-ups, small and medium businesses, large businesses).

Second, please post your reaction in the lesson discussion in Canvas on the topic below

Deliverables for this week's technology trend:

  1. Post a comment on the lesson Canvas discussion page that describes which aspects of cloud economics you were most aware of, and which you had not considered prior to this week's reading(s). Which parts of the reading did you find most helpful toward architecting a cost-effective cloud solution?
  2. Then I'd like you to offer additional insight, critique, a counter-example, or something else constructive in response to one of your colleagues' posts.
  3. Brownie points for linking to other technology demos, pictures, blog posts, etc., that you've found to enrich your posts so that we may all benefit.
  4. If there are concepts or vocabulary items that are not familiar to you -- don't suffer alone! Please post a question below. Posting a question is a form of participation, but doesn't take the place of your substantive post requested in step 1 above