GEOG 497
3D Modeling and Virtual Reality



1.5 Important VR Concepts


Complementing developments in 3D modeling it is fair to say that we are entering the age of immersive technologies. There are, unsurprisingly, many concepts that characterize VR systems. Scientist think about them to describe systems and interactions on the basis of specific characteristics rather than on the basis of brands. One could ask is the Rift superior to the Vive, or, alternatively one could ask whether it makes a difference that people have more than twice as much space to move around, the Vive allows people to turn a room into a VR experience while the Rift is spatially more restrictive (although this may change). Other such characteristics that potentially make a difference are the field of view, the resolution of the display, or the level of realism of the 3D models.

We will discuss here three concepts, immersion, presence, and interaction that have received considerable attention in the study of VR.