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Introduction to Materials for Pennsylvania State University ePDF

Author(s): William D. Callister
Publisher: Wiley


Go to the Vital Source book page to purchase the eBook for $39.10.

The eBook is also available on Red Shelf for $39.10.

Download Instructions

(Highly recommend that you download a local copy to one of your devices, just in case the Vital Source website goes down during one of our open book exams.)

NEW Vital Source Users - Install Software and Redeem Code

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  1. Go to VitalSource Support
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  3. Follow the installation instructions; the VitalSource Bookshelf should appear on your Desktop
  4. Complete all fields in the Registration form and submit to open the Bookshelf
  5. Click the Account tab in the tool bar and select Redeem Code
  6. The title will display in the center window pane
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  8. Double click on the title to open your Wiley E-Text

Downloading VitalSource Software on Your Mobile Device

EXISTING Vital Source Users - Redeem Code

If you already have Bookshelf on your computer, follow these directions for adding titles.

  1. Open your VitalSource Bookshelf
  2. Click the Account tab in the tool bar and select Redeem Code
  3. Enter the redemption code and click "OK"
  4. The title will display in the center window pane
  5. Double click on the title to download and open the book


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