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Online Discussion Rubric

Online Discussion Rubric
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Promptness and initiative Does not respond to most postings; rarely participated freely Responds to most postings several days after initial discussion; limited initiative Responds to most postings within a 24 hour period; requires occasional prompting to post Consistently responds to postings in less than 24 hours; demonstrates good self-initiative
Delivery of post Utilized poor spelling and grammar in most posts; posts appear "hasty" Errors in spelling and grammar evidenced in several posts Few grammatical or spelling error are noted in posts Consistently uses grammatically correct posts with rare misspellings
Relevance of post Posts topics which do not relate to the discussion content; makes short or irrelevant remarks Occasionally posts off topic; most posts are short in length and offer no further insight into the topic Frequently posts topics that are related to discussion content; prompts further discussion of topic Consistently posts topics related to discussion topic; cites additional references related to topic
Expression Within the Post Does not express opinions or ideas clearly; no connection to topic Unclear connection to topic evidenced in minimal expression of opinions or ideas Opinions and ideas are stated clearly with occasional lack of connection to topic Expresses opinions and ideas in clear and concise manner with obvious connection to topic
Contribution to the Learning Community Does not make effort to participate in learning community as it develops; seems indifferent Occasionally makes meaningful reflection on group's efforts; marginal effort to become involved with group Frequently attempts to direct the discussion and to present relevant viewpoints for consideration by group; interacts freely Aware of needs of community; frequently attempts to motivate the group discussion; presents creative approaches to topic