The Learner's Guide to Geospatial Analysis

Evidence Development


Our initial evidence includes:

  • Conforms to the geospatial model of a serial criminal.
  • The majority of the shootings were at or near shopping centers. That is, the events are not near governmental buildings indicating that the government is not a target.
  • Shootings were all on major highways or interstates for a quick exit from the scene. This indicates a desire not to be caught.
  • There was only one shooting per location and often occurred at gas stations. This seems to indicate our Shooter is not in the role of a suicide terrorist.
  • Sighting of a blue car with two black men.
  • Sighting of a white van with two individuals at one killing.
  • Military caliber weapon (5.56mm). This caliber is common to the US military and is also a sporting cartridge.
  • Noise heard but shooter never seen. This possibly indicates some sniper training.