The Learner's Guide to Geospatial Analysis

Chapter 8 Overview


This chapter discusses the fifth step of the SGAM, highlighted below in gold, Fusion.

Depiction of the correlation between knowledge and effort in SGAM chain, highlighting step 5: fusion
Structured Geospatial Analytic Process, Step 5

The integration of data, recorded from multiple modes, together with knowledge, is known as fusion according to this paper by J. Esteban published in 2005. Fusion is specifically used here as a term to describe how an organization arrives at a decision based upon data and information. Traditionally, the field has been thought to be the domain of mathematicians and statisticians who could use facts to justify a decision. In general, fusion is the process one goes through in an analytic method so that the influence of unreliable sources can be lowered compared to the reliable sources according to this document by Kludas published in 2007. In a great sense, the multi modal (graphical and text) nature of geospatial intelligence data analysis to reduce the influence of unreliable sources is essentially a fusion process. Step 5 of the SGAM is where it happens.