GEOG 868
Spatial Database Management

Project 6: Describe the Data Users in Your Organization


Project 6: Describe the Data Users in Your Organization

A. Assignment description

In the Adding Users and Data to Your Geodatabase part of the lesson, it discusses the various 'roles' that people who are involved with an enterprise geodatabase might have.

For Project 6, I'd like you to spend some time reflecting on the data users in your organization. If you already utilize an enterprise geodatabase, tell me a bit about your system, who uses it, through what login roles, and with what privileges. In preparation for this write-up, you may want to talk to your geodatabase administrator if that person is not you.

If your organization isn't using an enterprise geodatabase, tell me a bit about your data workflows and users, and spend some time describing the login roles and privileges you think would best meet your organization's needs if you were to implement one.

It's not necessary for you to divulge the identities of co-workers, but you may find that your write-up flows better if you use at least first names. You can always use fictitious names if you have concerns about identifying people by their real names.

Some of the job responsibilities frequently associated with geodatabase usage that you may want to consider include:

  • database administration (at the RDBMS level)
  • database administration (at the ArcSDE level)
  • database design
  • data ownership
  • data QA/QC
  • data editing
  • map production
  • GIS analysis

Note: If you feel you're unable to report on a current or former workplace, I will also accept an analysis of any organization that has published information on its enterprise geodatabase implementation.  Such reports can be found by doing an online search for GIS + "master plan" or "strategic plan."

B. Deliverables

This project is one week in length. Please refer to the Canvas Calendar for the due date.

  1. Submit your analysis of your organization in Word or PDF format to Lesson 6. The length of the write-up should be at least one page single-spaced. Your submission will be graded as follows:
    • Quality of analysis (the extent to which you demonstrate a thoughtful evaluation): 70 of 100 points
    • Quality of write-up (in terms of grammar, spelling, flow): 30 of 100 points
  2. Complete the Lesson 6 quiz.