GEOG 868
Spatial Database Management



Each lesson in the course will have a list of  "Steps to Complete." This checklist will always appear on the second page of each lesson.

To get started with the course, please follow the required steps below. The Course Orientation is one week in length. You may find it useful to print this page out first so that you can follow along with the directions.

Steps for completing course orientation
Step Activity
1 Read through Course Orientation.
2 Set up communications in Canvas. See the Setting Up Communications section of the Orientation material in Canvas.
3 Go to the Lounge Discussion. Introduce yourself to your colleagues. Read and post comments based on the introductions.

Go to the Orientation Discussion. Read and post comments and questions posted by fellow students regarding the Orientation content. Use this forum for any questions regarding the Course Orientation content.

5 If you haven't already done so, carefully review the course syllabus to learn about the course and its requirements.
6 Begin the course!