AE 868
Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Procurement Report: Part C


This week, you will continue working on your Report on Part C.

Procurement Report: Part C
Activity Details
Assignment Visit the Procurement Report/Peer Review page for details on the overall assignment. This week, you will be working on Part C and submitting the Report.

Note: You will not be submitting this part individually. Rather, you will be combining it with Parts A and B for a single Report submission at the end of Lesson 4.

In Part C:
  1. Present to your director a page of information with three different PV inverters, with evaluations of performance for each inverter.
  2. Compare main parameters given by manufacturers’ specification sheets.
  3. Recommend the best match for the application your company is working on.
  4. Use appropriate tools (such as SAM or PVWatt) to compare annual energy production for each module.
  5. Use tables for comparison.