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Set up SEMRush Trial


Set up SEMRush Trial

Getting Started: Initial Setup of Your SEMRush Trial

When you are ready:

  1. Go to and click on "Login" at the top right of the screen then click on "Register."
     SEMrush Competitive Data site
  2. It will send you a confirmation email link, click to confirm. You will now have access to 10 keyword searches.
  3. After those searches, a screen will appear and ask if you want a one day trial of Pro. It asks for a phone number. You will not be contacted.

    **At no point will you need to provide credit card information.

Another Keyword Research Option

A free option with similar functionality (but a little less user friendly) is . If you click the "Keyword" radio button below their search box, it will return keyword results, competitors, etc. If you do click on any of the "View More" below primary results, it will ask you to sign up for a "lifetime free trial" if you provide your name and email. You can likely get everything you need for the assignment without the trial.