BA 850
Sustainability Driven Innovation

Lesson 6 Overview


Lesson 6 Overview


So where we have understood the overall innovation landscape and slowly increased our factor of magnifcation over the past five weeks, this week we continue in our highest magnification, but now we begin experimenting.

If we have created an innovation using the tools covered thus far, we have hopefully identified something which is in a fruitful vein, fits organizational strengths, and appears to have at least some potential to create value and impact.  So we're off to a good start.

This week, we add to the toolset means by which we can quickly understand if we have created something with promise.  The intent is to understand -- in a concise way and with minimal relative expense -- if the concept has 'legs.'  Are we seeing the kind of spark of innovation in the market that we would expect?  Are there weaknesses? Are there other veins of richness being identified in research which may be of even greater value than the initial concept?

We are now entering the phase of development where the concept is initially revealed to some sample of the public, and an initial view of what value the concept actually delivers into the market.

If we have done our due dilligence up to this point and indeed ended up inventing the next 'Corgi saddle,' now is exactly when we need to find out: before we have spend considerable time, effort, and resources on bringing the concept to fruition.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • create a well-structured plan for insight research as a basis to substantiate innovation opportunities;
  • discern the strengths and weaknesses in various research methodologies, as well as the stages of concept development in which they are most appropriate;
  • articulate the insight mindset, as opposed to a "project ownership" mindset.

Lesson Roadmap

To Read Chapters 11 and 12 (Keeley, et al.)

Documents and assets as noted/linked in the Lesson (optional)
To Do

Case Assignment: Structuring research

  • Case Post
  • Case Response
  • Peer Voting


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