BA 850
Sustainability Driven Innovation

Lesson 8 Overview


Lesson 8 Overview


My intent in this course is to be eminently practical and purpose-driven in honing our innovation toolset, and this week is no different.  Similarly to our intent to understand very tactically and specifically what makes innovations work and the spaces of opportunity, this week we will specifically overlay a framework created by Larry Keeley to understand if there are additional grounds for innovation in our concept.

I see Keeley's model as another of those seemingly simple -- but very powerful -- means by which we can understand and hone our thinking, especially when used in this general phase of creating our innovation concept.

What can be especially powerful about this overlay is that it has a tendency to expand thinking beyond 'concept-level' and more into 'platform-level.'

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • discern the ten types of innovation and how they may be blended;
  • assess how the ten types of innovation may be paired with white-gray-black space thinking to unearth potential innovation platforms;
  • integrate the ten types of innovation onto Cognitive Maps to provide additional strategic opportunities.

Lesson Roadmap

To Read Chapters 16 and 17 (Keeley, et al.)

Documents and assets as noted/linked in the Lesson (optional)
To Do Identifying the Ten Types
  • Case Post
  • Case Response
  • Peer Voting


If you have any questions, please send them to my Faculty email. I will check daily to respond. If your question is one that is relevant to the entire class, I may respond to the entire class rather than individually.