Summary and Final Tasks



Humans have been harnessing wind energy in various forms for thousands of years, although the types of wind turbines that you may see sprouting up in various places (if you happen to live in a windy area) have been used widely for only the last few decades. Wind is one of the fastest-growing energy sources on the planet; in many areas, the amount of new electric generation capacity from wind turbines is outpacing the amount of new capacity from natural gas, coal or other fossil fuels. While European countries have embraced wind energy with larger financial incentives (and in some cases, generate a larger percentage of their electricity from wind energy than just about anywhere else in the world), China and the United States are still the world’s biggest wind markets. Despite falling costs and progressive designs that are friendlier to birds and bats, wind energy growth is still hampered in many areas by high costs, unpredictable incentives and ironically enough, a bad environmental rap.

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