Goals and Objectives


Goals and Objectives


  • Describe the two-way relationship between water resources and human society
  • Explain the distribution and dynamics of water at the surface and in the subsurface of the Earth
  • Communicate scientific information in terms that can be understood by the general public
  • Interpret graphical representations of scientific data
  • Identify strategies and best practices to decrease water stress and increase water quality
  • Predict how availability of and demand for water resources is expected to change over the next 50 years

Learning Objectives

In completing this module, you will:

  • Analyze the relationship between land use and access to fresh water
  • Calculate the population that can be supported by a finite water source
  • Evaluate possible solutions to anticipated water shortages
  • Evaluate whether access to clean water is a basic human right, or if it should be treated as a commodity
  • Distinguish between direct and indirect water use
  • Record and analyze your own personal water usage
  • Compare your own personal water use habits with those of your peers and others worldwide