EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks


In this lesson, we learned about the nonmarket environment and a framework for collecting information for nonmarket analysis. The framework includes an issue, stakeholders, and assessment of the demand for and supply of nonmarket action. We applied the begging phases of the nonmarket analysis process to a Case Study where the issue is related to a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program. The information collection process provided hands-on experience with the structure and mechanics of RPS programs, an important policy type for renewable energy development.

You learned:

  • the meaning of nonmarket environment;
  • to identify nonmarket issues, stakeholders, and initial policy positions;
  • a framework for organizing information collection related to nonmarket analysis;
  • how to assess demand for and supply of nonmarket action;
  • the structure, terminology, and mechanisms related to renewable portfolio standard (RPS) programs.

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