EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Case Study Options


Please note that the list of resources provided here is not meant to be comprehensive. You are encouraged to research these issues on your own as well.

1. Do you support or oppose allowing state-subsidized power plants to participate in regional electricity markets without price controls?

(Note: This topic concerns a policy in electricity markets known as the "minimum offer price rule" or MOPR. The idea behind MOPR is that if renewable energy plants are highly subsidized by governments, but compete with conventional power plants in electricity markets, the government subsidy gives renewable power plants an unfair competitive advantage in the electricity market because the subsidy makes the renewable power plants look cheaper than they actually are. MOPR is a rule that forces a price floor on subsidized power plants in competitive electricity markets.)

2. Is the Biden Administration correct to increase the Social Cost of Carbon to $51/ton or should it have been kept at a lower level set by the Trump Administration?

3. Do you support or oppose California's initiative to ban the sales of new gasoline-fueled cars by 2035?

4. Do you support or Oppose H.R. 1019 (the E-BIKE Act)?

5. Would you support or oppose legislation that requires legislative approval for Pennsylvania to enter into a cap-and-trade program (such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI), as HB 2025 of 2020 does?

6. Do you support or oppose permitting of the Thacker Pass lithium mine in Nevada?

7. Do you support or oppose the domestic content requirements for renewable energy projects (wind and solar) to earn large tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act?