EME 801
Energy Markets, Policy, and Regulation

Using the Penn State Library


Using the Penn State Library

Just like on-campus students, as a Penn State student you have a wealth of library resources available to you!

Please review the online guide for Online Students Use of the Library. Understand that all Penn State students qualify as eligible users of the library and can borrow materials.

Eligible users include currently enrolled or employed Penn State faculty, staff, and students in good standing who do not have access to a Penn State campus.

Via the Penn State Libraries, you can:

  • search for journal articles (many are even immediately available in full-text);
  • request articles that aren't available in full-text and have them delivered electronically;
  • borrow books and other materials and have them delivered to your doorstep;
  • access materials that your instructor has put on electronic Library Reserves;
  • talk to reference librarians in real time using chat, phone, and email;
  • ...and much more!


So that we can be sure you are able to access reserve readings and other library resources in this course, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Online Students Use of the Library website
  2. Learn more about obtaining library materials at a distance by checking out the information on the "Penn State Online, World Campus, and Distance Researchers" page.