GEOG 000

Module 5 Overview


Module 5 Overview

If we were to step back and take a high-level view of mining operations, we would notice many differences based on the mining method and the peculiarities of a specific deposit. We would also see certain commonalities among many of the methods. The details would vary, and the names of the equipment might change, but yet we would see similar operations being repeated over and over again.

The operations directly related to extracting and removing the ore are known as the unit operations, and the operations that serve to support the mining activity are known as auxiliary operations. In this module, we will study these operations, and in so doing, we will be able to apply them to virtually any mining method.

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • describe the two fundamental operations of exploitation, and the unit operations for these in soft and hard rock;
  • recognize the equipment used for ore winning and materials handling, and describe the characteristics of that piece of equipment;
  • list and describe common auxiliary operations;
  • explain what is meant by ground control, the difference between active and passive supports, and common practices for support the ground;
  • describe a roof bolt and how it works;
  • identify typical power sources for mining equipment, and explain the advantages of each;
  • explain the need for ventilation in underground mines;
  • explain why maintenance is such an important auxiliary operation;
  • define availability and calculate the availability of a production unit;
  • define production and productivity;
  • demonstrate a knowledge of the difference between cyclic and continuous operations;
    • “value of a minute” in production settings,
    • types of delays,
    • continuous mining machines,
    • examples of batch and continuous materials handling equipment used in surface and underground methods,
    • trends in materials handling equipment;
  • explain the difference between continuous mining machines in soft rock versus hard rock, and the limitation on the use of these machines in hardrock mines.