GEOG 128
Geography of International Affairs



In this lesson, we focus on the politics of the geographic boundaries of states and how this ties with the processes of territorialization, deterritorialization, reterritorialization and constructions of national identity contained therein.

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • describe the role boundaries play in geopolitics;
  • define boundaries, borders, borderlands, and frontiers;
  • situate boundaries and borders as one form of territoriality;
  • consider territorial constructions other than states;
  • discuss the role of boundaries in the construction of national identity;
  • identify the boundary conflicts that most commonly appear in geopolitical codes;
  • discuss how peaceful boundaries may be constructed;
  • discuss the concept of the borderland and its implications for boundaries, nations and states;
  • examine case studies of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Korean peninsula; and
  • describe the territoriality of the sea.

Required Readings and Assignments

Please see your Canvas course space for a complete listing of this lesson's required readings, assignments, and due dates.


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