GEOG 160
Mapping Our Changing World



The main purpose of this Orientation is to help registered Penn State students understand how their online class works. The class that currently uses this as a required text is:

GEOG 160: Mapping Our Changing World - online and resident sections (3 cr.) A social science general education course required for students pursuing the BA or BS in Geography, offered through University Park campus and other participating Penn State campuses through the e-Learning Cooperative.

This Orientation should also be useful to prospective students who are considering enrolling in this course. If you are not interested in formally enrolling in the course, proceed directly to Chapter 1 (See the Lessons tab).


Registered students who successfully complete this Orientation should be able to:

  • navigate between this course text and the Canvas course management system;
  • articulate your expectations about how and what you will learn in your online course;
  • understand how and what instructors expect you to learn in your online course;
  • locate key information about the course, including assignments, due dates, technical information, places to get help, and course policies;
  • understand course policies, including academic integrity;
  • communicate with instructors and fellow students.

The next page in this lesson outlines the steps you need to perform to successfully complete the Orientation.