Environment and Society in a Changing World

Grading Rubric for Written Assignments





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Grasp of course content

(15 points)

14-15 pts: Shows full grasp of course content by correctly engaging 3 or more course concepts. Engaging concepts includes defining them and explaining how they help understand the theme of the paper.

11-13 pts: Addresses at least 3 concepts. Shows understanding of roughly 2/3 to 3/4 of the concepts addressed.

9-10 pts: Addresses at least 2 concepts. Shows understanding of half of the concepts addressed.

0-8 pts: Understands less than half of the concepts addressed. 5 points given for trying to engage with 1 or more concepts.

Critical thinking and analysis

(20 points)

18-20 pts: Argument is very well-formed with evidence from modules or other sources to support it. The argument and analysis respond directly to the assignment prompt. 

15-17 pts: Argument is thoughtful and has some evidence to support it, but it may have gaps or it may rely on unsupported assumptions. The argument is not convincing. 

12-14 pts: Argument engages poorly with course concepts or assignment questions. It may be contradictory or rely heavily on unsupported assumptions. Critical thinking is insufficient.

0-11 pts: There’s hardly an argument, or it is difficult to follow. Alternatively, the argument and analysis may be good, but do not respond to the assignment prompt.

Meeting assignment requirements

(8 points)


Addressing 3+ course concepts: 4 pts

Addressing all assignment questions: 4 pts

Writing and citations

(7 points)

7 pts: Paper is well-written and free of grammar and spelling errors. Paper is correctly cited.

5-6 pts: Fair writing, with a few mistakes. Easy to understand.

3-4 pts: Poor writing, several mistakes. Requires effort to understand.

1-2 pts: Very poor writing, with several mistakes. Difficult to understand.